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    Hunting, fishing, woodworking, and playing bluegrass music with the family band, The Sheppard Brothers.

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  1. I got it in WV from Hillbilly Hunting Beagles. 304-545-3820. His name is David.
  2. Phone number 304-275-3265 for the dog kennels for sale. Thanks.
  3. I have two kennels for sale. Call me if you are still looking for one. 304-275-3265
  4. Two dog kennels 6’x3’x3’ runs with 3’x3’x2’ dog boxes on the end. Brown metal roof on all. Coated wire and all treated wood on runs. Rotating stainless steel water and feed bowls. $325.00/each.
  5. nice looking pups. i have a litter due the twenty fourth a week from monday. if you still have a male pup then i may holler at you.i want a back-up male mine is getting some age on him.

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