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    West Virginia
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    Mountain Cur
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    Squirrel, Raccoon

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  1. forgot to ask you about his papers and shots just maken sure that I understand you right you have papers and he has had 5+1

  2. you can call me 244-0792 im looking for a pup with some grit i have one cur and she is a solid tree dog but I want a male to raise and breed would love to see more pic


  3. I am very interested in the male pup. I am coming to West Virginia this Friday to visit my grandparents who live in Glenwhite. ( I am from South Carolina.)I don't know much about bloodlines but can you tell me a little bit about your dogs? Are they long or short range hunters?, do they check back?, and have you entered any competitions with them? if so how did they do? Did you have to doc h...

  4. do u have any males left

  5. how far are you from beckley

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