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    The good lord, my family, nascar, hunting, fishing

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    Our dog Tater is off Parnell's TRCH PEPPER AND Parnell's WINDY.

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  1. Mr. Knoots just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your posts and imput on topics. Nice wood work also. Hope you have a great hunting season, Craig.

  2. Jeff hudgins I'm very happy to see someone carry on the parnell line of Feist dogs. In my mind they are just as good or better than the pcc's. Right now im liking the omcba dogs for different reasons. I'll be in touch with you guys.

  3. Thank y'all for the nice comments on Tater. He has earned his spot riding shotgun with me, however he's in the box for the ride home. LOL

  4. craig i have 2 male fiest that pepper is there daddy the black n tan dog sire is pepper his mother is moores shug pepper was also shugs daddy they are reg mt fiest i also have 2 carolina curs male and female pepper is on the fiest side of that breeding been looking for a female out of pepper to buy or breed to to get pup out of the blk ntan chipper dog he is the dog in my pic good 2here from you

  5. Thanks for commenting. You got pcc's or Feist that go back to pepper ?

  6. thanks for adding me as a friend u have some great looking dogs i have to males out of james pepper dog one is a black n tan out of pepper and moores shugg the other one is out of pepper and potato creek little mae and have to carolina curs the blk n tan is the best squirrel dog ive ever owned treed over 300 trees with him seen 214 killed 185 have 2 boys 7 an 9 they had a great time thanks /jeff.

  7. It be hot man.

  8. Good looking Feist.

  9. READY FOR OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. TGR


      Ready and iching!!

  10. I dont know ya but if you give Kyle Busch props your alright in m book.lol

  11. Its hotter than peedookey

  12. Sure like the looks of your dog and a good name Tater.

  13. Thats a good looking dog, and thats an awesome squirrel!

  14. Just wanted to say thanks for all the replys and advice you have given me. And invites. Thanks, Craig

  15. I agree with all these guys. Whenever I see you post just have to read. lol

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