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  1. i sent you an email my # is 601-941-9349

  2. liked your comments on al. results. they crucified an honest man and now he has quit and i dont blame him

  3. that wouldnt be game fowl,huh

  4. Thanks for a adding me as friend

  5. hey you dont have gamefowl do you ?

  6. Thanks for adding me to your friend list and if I can be a help give me a ring.770 686 6782

  7. central Ms.between jackson & meridian

  8. Where you from conehatta's. Im from Malakoff Texas

  9. hey i got a small female 1 year old ears stand up~ red and white take $125 for her

  10. do u have gamefowl

  11. Donnie dropped by

  12. hey wade just checkin 2 c how ya feelin.r u out of hospital?

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