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  1. Hey Steve Im new to SDC just seen the pic of your dog.If he is half as good as he looks you couldnt do no better.I Would like have one like him or two or three.If u have one laying around please let me know.

  2. What's been happening?

  3. Send photos when you get them. When are you going to get them?

  4. Hi steve great looking deer you got. I am about ready to get these renolds feists in the woods, Dave

  5. I started in 1976 myself out of local 582 in Baton Rouge. Unfortunately so much of the work went non-union down there after right-to-work passed. I was able to get out last year myself and like you lots of back and knee problems but still get around pretty good most days.

  6. I started in local 40 in 1976 knees and back pretty banged up but still get around decent

  7. I found the blueprints for nesting boxes

  8. I love your old bronco. We had one with a 300 6 cylinder in it that would go just about anywhere in those Louisiana swamps.

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