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  1. How tall is the female how much does she weigh?

    Percy Legg

  2. Wade do you have any pics, of those barger pups.

  3. What's on your mind?

    1. BIG DAWG

      BIG DAWG

      mr. martin this is john.. over in livingston al..can u send me a picture of the female i'm wanting to come pickup from you

  4. just letting you know the pups I got from you are doing real well, check out the pictures in the picture forums.

  5. Dustin call me i have a savage cody/savage molly male at stud.

  6. scootr go to page 37 under picture (good day at wheeler) that is twinkie.

  7. Red, Have you tried the female. I am feeling lots better . Bored out of my mine setting in this house Call and let me know about the female. Dale

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