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    Chelsea Ok
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    Love to hunt with dogs. Owned and trained bird dogs and retrievers for thirty years. I still like to deer hunt and I love predator calling. Hunted squirrel with dog when I was a kid and loved it. Since quail numbers have been down I have messed around with squirrel dog or two but I think I have a couple of young dogs that might make it now. I have a little more time to work them now

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    Dan Morgan
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    Squirrel,bird dogs,lab
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    Always had hunting dogs,been a while since I've messed with a tree dog but I'm ready for one. Now I've got three

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  1. Can I email pics for the year book

  2. Billy give me a call, might know where there is a pup that will be out of coon dog stock. 918 344 0960

  3. Bryan I just wanted to than you for your quotes. This morning I was reading God's silence and it just really hit home for me. I feel the Lord is moving me but just not syre where or which way but I'm looking to him. Again thanks, SDC has been about alot more than just squirrel dogs for me. Thank you brother

  4. Hey Kevin

    HOw is everything. My phone was stolen while back lost all my numbers

  5. I seen your ad on your mule. Will pray for you. Hopr you don't have to sell your mule

  6. How many wild pheasant has your dog had shot over her

  7. I like your plotts and thats a good looking pup. I've got a plott female thats treeing a little now

  8. I like your plotts and thats a good looking pup. I've got a plott female thats treeing a little now

  9. Do you hunt your Kennels at night much.

  10. happy birthday man. and many more to come. larry

  11. Do you have an adress for Bryan so I could send him a card at the hospital

    Thanks Dan

  12. Hello, my good bud Bob hunts a nice unregister Stevens Cur Name of Black Jack we really enjoy. I like t those black dogs. Take care. Adam and Sophia

  13. Can you give me a call sometime when you have a minute to talk dogs. 918 344 0960 Thanks Dan

  14. Hey Bryan, really good to see you back on SDC. How you feeling? Been praying for you, lost your phone # or I would have called

  15. you ever come towards Tulsa. Interested in your box

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