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  1. Doing great Will! How is duke doing y'all been hunting lately?

  2. Hi Tripp

    How have you done over the past week or so?.

  3. Hey mark I'm sorry I haven't gotten back with you on the club start we have been ridiculous busy at work since May and it hasn't slowed down I don't think I am going to have time to get it going right now. If you are still going to start on one in your area let me know. Sorry again this is the first time I've been on squirrel dog in a long time

  4. I may depending on how many she has stay in touch with me about it

  5. Good looking dog where in sc are you from

  6. Hate you didn't make the omcba state hunt Russ was hoping to get to talk to you face to face. Hope you get to feeling better soon and get after some squirrels and coon. Tripp Speer

  7. Will have to try and hunt some this fall what kind of dogs do you hunt i hunt mountain curs

  8. in abbeville between abbeville and antreville

  9. thanks for the comments on pups if you know anybody wanting some that are bred right tell em to look me up

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