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    Remington Va.
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    Helping our sport of Squirrel dog'n to spread through our great state of Va.

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    Alex Olinger
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    Mtn. Curs
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    The 4 legged kind
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    Any body interested in joining the Old Dominion Squirrel and Coon Club Inc. or in comiming to any of our hunts give me a call at 1-540-219-3698 or E-mail me at blueridgemtncurs@Gmail.com

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  1. Alex, Here is my information concerning the Hummer pup:

    Marshall Pike

    297 Bizzell Braswell Rd

    Princeton, NC 27569


  2. Alex, Rukko is great looking dog. I hunted with his mother she was a great dog.One Ozark Feist

  3. need a good squirrel dog ,if anyone got one for sale 318 422 2074 cell shop 318 375 2411 sam curry

  4. I am from southwest virgina next to the Grundy area but I hunt bland Craig and wytheville some time Scott holler back at me

  5. Isaac , Lady is down with Tank now so she she get bred any time now . I'll keep ya posted

  6. Alex, Lady is a super nice dog! Really enjoyed watching her hunt Sat. evening. Let us know next time your headed up this way and we will get together and go hunting.


  7. Hey Alex, saw your post about your upcoming hunts. Won't be able to make the Oct. hunt, but will try to make it in Dec. Happy hunting!!

  8. At Stud -SqCh BlueRidge Salmons Rukko

    Rukko is a direct grandson of Toot's Dale x Toot's Candy by SprGrSqCh Bowyer's Stoneyview Beau & a direct grandson of the original Smith's Streak on the bottom by SqCh Salmons Krikit . Rukko is a deep as it takes 1 bark STAY put tree dog day or night !

  9. Alex Olinger

    1. Donnie Gill

      Donnie Gill

      Thanks for the add. I am not sure how this all works, so not many friends added to me page yet.

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