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  1. I haven't hunted a lot. I had a hard time early one finding them. I've been lucky the last couple of times out finding young squirrels.

  2. Mack how is your season going are you having any problem finding many squirrels. Jerry

  3. i sure like that blue tan pup.i have been keepin a eye on it. happy to see it doing good...

    take care!!!

    Aaron L.

  4. Thanks for adding me

  5. Good looking dog

  6. Hey Mack, want togo in morning? Call me if you want to.

  7. Thank you, I really appreciate the compliments.

  8. you have some of the best looking fiest i have ever seen. if they perform as good as they look they must be outstanding. **** B.

  9. Mack, I am interested in your dog. I'm building a new kennel,and would like to talk to you. Please shoot me a message with your number. Thanks, Mike

  10. thanks for your help about competition

  11. fat and happy

    They're doing great. They are starting to crawl around pretty good. They munched on some wet dog food today for the first time...only a bite or two.

  12. How are those pups doing

  13. Are they spoken for

  14. I saw your post just wondering how things were going.

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