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    50 E. of Atl. Exit 98 on I-20
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    God and Church first, family second and dogs the rest of my time.

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    Anything that trees
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    Love to see a pup start hunting & treeing than killing a truck load of squirrels.

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  1. Jeff pictured in my avatar is the pup I got from you. If you look under pictures in the forum for snowball you will see a better picture. The young lady is Josh's little girl Emma,

  2. Heath I was wondering how your little boys was doing after the surgery. Also how is the pup doing that I gave him a couple years ago. I have not heard from you in a long time and was just wondering. Carlton

  3. Keep on kicking.god bless.your friend Willie.

  4. Praying for you mr. Carlton get those knees fixed before fall.your friend Willie .

  5. Praying for you mr. Carlton get those knees fixed before fall.your friend Willie .

  6. I like the looks of that pup. Love that color.willie

  7. Hey Carlton, hope your knee is doing well. Havnt seen on SDC how its going, just thought Id drop you a line let you know I was thinking about and praying for your recovery. Hope all is well! Tommy

  8. Thanks Jeff, it was nice talking to you also. The guy really liked her looks so maybe he will enjoy her. She was a pretty neat little dog.

  9. hello carlton i spoke with u on the phone the other night about ellie mae im the one from marion n.c. im sure the guy that got her will be pleased with her i also enjoyed the talk on phone hope to here from u again thanks / jeff

  10. I like reading the post you make because you go into a lot of detail. You were raised like me according to your post.

  11. Hello Carlton just want to let you know how pleased with Logan I am. I caught her a squirrel this morning when I turned it loose she run it up a tree and sit down and treed on it. Thanks Gavin

  12. I guess these are still part my pups because B. J. has not fully paid me for them.I have been trying to get the rest of my money since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Carlton Moon

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