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  1. They do come with batteries in the rear box and a charger. Some models have an AC charger and some charge with a micro USB cable like a cell phone uses. The battery box is zip tied on the back of the hat so it can easily be cut free, new batteries installed, and re zip tied back on the hat. I have never had to replace a battery on the ones I use for myself. They are $45 shipped and none of them are used except to be tested and recharged. I make about $20 on each one I put together and ship not counting gas to the shipping point. I sold a few at cost at the NFBA hunt in MO I could make some much higher priced hats with more battery run time and bigger lamps but these get the job done. I've experimented with over 20 different types of lamps and have chosen just a few to use. It hasn't been that long ago that kerosene lamps and then carbide mine lamps were used for night adventures. If those guys saw one of these LED lamps back then they would think you were from outer space.
  2. They use 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries. A little bigger and fatter than AA batteries. The smaller lighter red and black headlamps use a single battery. The larger heavier black ones use 2 batteries in parallel for twice the amount of run time. Lumens is a selling value and cannot possibly deliver what is claimed. For example: the black and red headlamps have a single chip being a Cree Xp-G2. Cree says it can deliver 586 lumens at 1.5 Amps 5 Watts full power. That is max. When I bought them they were advertised as having 1000 lumens. Obviously can't deliver that but looks good in a description. The larger black one uses a single chip being a Cree XM-L2. Cree says it can deliver 1052 lumens at 3 Amps 10 watts. That is max. The lamps were advertised as having 1500 lumens. You can tote 1, 2, 3, or maybe 4 of the 3.7 volt 18650 batteries on the back of your head on a cap pretty good. As you go up in battery capacity you go up in price, When the lamp has more than one LED in it you go up in price. When you go up in the number of LEDs in the lamp you have to automatically go up in more battery capacity. 18650 battery capacity is another false issue. The batteries I get with the lamps are mostly rated at 2200mah. When you research the best 18650 batteries you will read that false claims are made. So I don't really know if 2200mah is true. Probably not. All I can say is I charge mine up about once a month and I usually wear it to feed after dark daily. I have experimented with several types of headlamps. I only use ones that can zoom into a spot for checking for eyes up the tree. I zoom them back in for walking in the woods or working on something. I don't hardly ever run them on high beam since low beam has plenty of light and the battery lasts longer. They all have high beam, low beam, and emergency flasher mode. They can survive rain or snow but not underwater.
  3. I have some base ball caps with a very bright Cree Led installed on them for sale on my Web Site below. Very light weight and comfortable to wear for hunting/fishing/night chores and such. Battery life will depend on usage but I tend to recharge mine about 1 time each month. Thanks for looking and keep warm this winter.
  4. Hey Clyde, Was just checking out the breeding on the two pups u have forsale.The Williams Randi dog and my gyp CJ have ex.same breeding.I just thought it was kind of net.Would love to have one of the pups but i am about on overload.They should be good ones.

  5. Hi Clyde,

    Wanted you to know how special our puppy is. Stephen met you in Opelika to pick her up. She is serious about getting a squirrel. Started treeing on her own with no help from us. She is so smart! We love her!

  6. Fman

    Welcome to Squirrel Dog Central

  7. This is the 4th ATFA Hunt
  8. Fman

    Dixie pups born

    3 boys 3 girls
  9. Fman

    Nina Pups Born

    2 boys 2 girls
  10. Up date on the pup I got from you. he is starting to tree good. Glad I can start knocking out one on him now and then.

  11. Fman

    ATFA hunt Waldron, Ar.

    Morning and afternoon hunt.
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