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  1. Hey Clyde, Was just checking out the breeding on the two pups u have forsale.The Williams Randi dog and my gyp CJ have ex.same breeding.I just thought it was kind of net.Would love to have one of the pups but i am about on overload.They should be good ones.

  2. Hi Clyde,

    Wanted you to know how special our puppy is. Stephen met you in Opelika to pick her up. She is serious about getting a squirrel. Started treeing on her own with no help from us. She is so smart! We love her!

  3. Fman

    Welcome to Squirrel Dog Central

  4. This is the 4th ATFA Hunt
  5. Fman

    Dixie pups born

    3 boys 3 girls
  6. Fman

    Nina Pups Born

    2 boys 2 girls
  7. Up date on the pup I got from you. he is starting to tree good. Glad I can start knocking out one on him now and then.

  8. Morning and afternoon hunt.
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