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    Little Rock, Arkansas
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    Squirrel hunting & squirrel dogs, turkey hunting, quail hunted till the quail disappeared, conservation and habitat management. Catch a few crappie and catfish now and then.

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    Mountain Cur, Kemmer hybrid
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    squirrel & turkey and love a good cup of coffee

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  1. Hey Treedogger, I am with you re: accuracy. The man asked a question about accuracy and then got replies about best days ever, hot noses and cold noses, training and road hunting and etc. That is why I put a precise number of hunts/trees and etc. Trying to get folks to answer honestly about their percentages. Sorry if that logic took away from the intent of OP.

  2. Hey Andy, been enjoying your responses regarding Accuracy. I know you Bama boys are rough on the squirrels. I am from Grenada Ms originally, but have lived in Arkansas since the mid 70's. I just retired so really looking forward to this season. Gonna try to hunt 3-4 days per week. Thanks for your reply regarding percentage.

  3. Hey Mark, I enjoyed your post regarding Accuracy. I am 63 and have been seriously hunting squirrels since I was 8 years old. I have a lot of confidence in my dogs. They may not be the best, but they keep my freezer filled. I am retired so get to hunt Tn, Ms, Ar and Mo. Have friends in Licking. I make at least 3 trips a year up that way and will stay 3-4 days per trip. Always have good hunts.

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