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    Greenfield, IN
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    Hunting with my buddies and watching NASCAR. Both are enjoyable pasttimes.

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    Jesse Clemons
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    Original Mtn Cur
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    I enjoy training pups as well as a good hunt. Watching the young dogs improve their skills gives me a lot of pleasure.

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  1. When training pups do you find it better to work one at a time 

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    2. Lintonwc


      Thanks for the information yes I run rabbit dogs for a lot of years and I would take three at a time and usually had them going by 6 months but they are no where to really run a pack of beagles around where I live anymore. But I still coon hunt with some friends.but the granddaughters won’t to start going to the woods so I’m on the list with southern acres kennel for 2 male feist pups 

    3. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      ...... If you have tried to send me anymore PM's on here I have not received any because I cleaned all my PM off of here and deleted them after the last one you sent me that I replied too because they were taking up to much space. Take care. Jerry

    4. Lintonwc


      Hi Jerry I have sent you several messages just letting you know about the pup I got from Seth she’s doing very good and very gritty lol she has a time with the kids has a very hard chop mouth can’t wait to see her on the tree.

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