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    Greenfield, IN
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    Hunting with my buddies and watching NASCAR. Both are enjoyable pasttimes.

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    Original Mtn Cur
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    I enjoy training pups as well as a good hunt. Watching the young dogs improve their skills gives me a lot of pleasure.

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  1. Tan dog is sold. Blk pup is $75. 2 yr old is still $300.
  2. Treeing Feist Male - 2yr old: $300 Hunts good and gets along with other dogs. He has treed with other dogs. Have no place to hunt him close by. See PIC 5. 2 OMC/Treeing Feist Male Pups: Bloodline-OMC Sniper/20-20 and Treeing Feist (Born 9/1/2022 now 3 mom old). First time at 7 weeks old they took the laid track to the tree. Have no place to hunt them close by. See PIC 1 n 4-Tan pup. See Pic 2 n 3-Blk pup.
  3. Born 9/1/22. These beautiful puppies have their 9-way shots. They are weaned and now eating dry puppy chow. Having trouble uploading pics. Call n I'll send individual pup or mother/father pics to you. Jess (317) 498-2006
  4. Beautiful male brindle dog. 2 year old. He hunts good and needs to be put in woods where the squirrels are. There are only small woods close by and I have other dogs I'm training. Mother Bloodlines: 20/20 Father Bloodlines: Sniper Price $400 firm. Contact Jess at (317) 498-2006.
  5. Call 317 498-2006 if interested.
  6. He hunts good; I just don't have the woods available close by for hunting. He has treed with other dogs. And he gets along well with my other three dogs. $400
  7. Brindle female and dark brindle male. $800 each. All these young dogs need is to be put in the woods with squirrels. (DOB 5/11/2020). Call 317 498-2006 or email judy.clemons@yahoo.com.
  8. Five n half year old OMCBA n UKC Registration. Easy to handle. He can do it alone but not mean with other dogs. Medium range hunter, stay put tree dog. If interested call 317 498-2006 or email judy.clemons@yahoo.com
  9. When training pups do you find it better to work one at a time 

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    2. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      ....... The reason I have not received any replies on our old post is because I deleted all my old stuff on here because it was pilling up and I cleaned it out. LOL If you send me a new PM it will come through and I will reply to them. I did text Seth to see if you had came and got him yet and he told me you did. I personally think he will make you a good Combo type Coon and Squirrel dog that you and your grand daughters can enjoy for several years. Thanks for letting me know and take care. Jerry

    3. Lintonwc


      Thank you for all the help in finding this pup she has already won my wife over after her saying she never wanted another dog after our 16 year old Thornburg pass away yes Seath is a very nice man .once I learn how to post pictures on the site I will send you some of her she a nice pup thanks again 

    4. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      ....... You are welcome. For what ever reason I was thinking you was getting a male off of him instead of a female. LOL I have been on this site for several years now and I have never tried to post a picture on here because I use a flip phone and I can not post pictures off of it. I can send people pictures of my dogs to their phone but I can not post pictures on here off of it. My number is 770-686-6782 if you ever want to send me a picture on my phone or want to call me for any reason. Take care. Jerry

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