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  1. Glad to see you are getting better. You are a Friend I have missed on here Wayne!

  2. Nice fiest kennel with 1" floor spacing. Thanks for posting.

  3. Mike paypal or pc said to put correct address for money transfer for the raffle. thanks breck

  4. Mike can you except Pay Pal on the rifle raffle?

  5. I can use any teaching on 32 squirrel rifle or black powder shot gun I dont know but think something close to a 20 ga. would be a good choice.

  6. David 50 I am a collecter of 1858 rem. revo. & parts for same. and I have no 32 cal. rifle or black powder shot gun these are things you may know some info on just checking.

  7. At this time I have a yellow female & a black female gess 7 lb. each little over 4 mo. old my black jack is sire eather one is yours with a ride Missouri.

  8. Been watching a droopy squirrel in my feeders for 3 mo May just be old, but I would like to know how to worm it. I have safe gard. thanks

  9. Woman if she knew you but did not know you

  10. I drove a circle round & round ya place today I bet gps woman keep telling me to cross that bridge down by the collage. I keep telling her no thinks when she lead me back there. would have called if I had remimber your phone no in billfold. dummie me took my wife and grandoughter to Smoky Mountain today or wint with them. Ask a woman I she knew you she say she use to live on Sam Lee rd but...

  11. Tim is 100 cc water to 1/2 cc permethin .05% Breck

  12. Last I herd you were ill glad you are doing better now. Breck

  13. chigger my onion is doing good about 1 ft. tall I planted all about half out of the ground planted a lot of regular sets complete burred they have not come up good. How are you doing?

  14. I used to get all the extra honey from wild trees I found but the man is pass on now When I find more I will let you know. where do you live? Breck

  15. I tried to ask how you and your frend did fishing last time could no find post I ask to go but now I want to wate till weather warms up.

  16. Slee how your knee. I wanted to tell you about Bubbs BBQ Buffa on friday they have froglegs thats a exit 25 I-75 turn left on the right about 1/4 mi. I got two togo Boxes greens, baby carrots, mashed potatoes, corn, fish, frog legs, chicken lots of good food to go 25.00 Came with spoons forks napkins great fo a trip to Laruel Lake or you can eat there.

  17. Harvey Engle Father was 7 son of sevent son could cure hives in babys and thing like that.

  18. Chigger I tryed to post 27 of march I received plenty enough onion sets from you and recived my money back.The message is still on my end must of not went out was back and forth to Mich. was not with my puter and dont know how to work my phone right. Sure am sorry dont want to wrong a good freind for sure. I have a freind Harvey Engle I went to school with 11 or 12 yr. He is a good fellow to.

  19. Scott Pic was taken Levi Jackson St. Park London Ky. I worked as welder on R, R. at Pinville Ky several yr.

  20. What's on your mind?

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    2. breckey eagle

      breckey eagle

      yes I like to fish but days like today I just want to talk about it I chill easy in my old age

    3. breckey eagle

      breckey eagle

      Sorry Ralph I did not notice the comment intil today and it winter again.

    4. breckey eagle

      breckey eagle

      Sorry Ralph I did not notice the comment intil today and it winter again.

  21. Hello mr Russell If he has ear mites he will shake his head and next to tip of ears will get ruff little sores. Dont make specal trip to vet just need treetment Wayne Cawell uses walnut hull tea to treet them.

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