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    Squirrel hunting with SQUIRREL DOGS!!

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    My email address is: atjatomicfeist@gmail.com
    Here at ATJ Squirrel Dog Kennels we are proud to hunt the Atomic Feist. Our feist go back to Cauley, Little River Spud, Riverun, and last but not at all the least World Champion Coles Skittles. We were proud to own Skittles and her blood will always be part of the Atomic equation. We are now getting into our 5th and 6th generations and are proud of the consistent results we are getting. Come go for a hunt because we hide NOTHING here!

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  1. Mr.Croucher, my name is Hunter Pike i am Marshal Pike's son, i emailed you not long ago about a dog of mine. She did not come from your kennel but she does have some of the same bloodline in her. She is a fantastic dog and I was interested in finding our where some of her traits came from, I know that you had skittles before she passed and i was hoping you could tell me about her traits, th...

  2. Looking forward to a new season with some young Atomic power!

  3. Mr Croucher, I am Richard Belcher and am interested in purchasing a pup from you as soon as you have one available. I have been a fan of your stock for some time now. I am willing to send a deposit and to wait till you have a pup available. I really like the looks of your Torch dog. Please let me know something when you can. Thank You.

  4. Mike this is Danny C. Williams up here in central KY I need to talk to you about berrding a real good female feist to your atom dog could you send me your ph.number or call me thanks Danny my # is 859-865-2576

  5. Hello, im new to the site but im enjoying everything about it. I dont have a squirrel dog yet but Im learning. this is a great website. I havent learned how to add friends but it does show i have friends. Thats great! I really like looking at all the different dogs. God bless, rodney, texas

  6. You sure have some very nice looking dogs. I hunt fiest and like in Arkansas. The fiest I hunt came from Todd Coles Skittles blood line.

  7. Hey Mike James again just saw the post of magic and torch cross just wondering if it is booked still want the other pup we talked about but might want one of this cross to just let me know thanks james

  8. Hey Mike this is James talked to u Saturday just checking on video of speedy or pictures thanks

  9. Mr. croucher this is Myles Jones

  10. hey mike just seeing how the trip went hope it went well.talk later to you jason.

  11. Hey Mike just wanted you to know we are still praying for Austin. Last week I put the pic of Austin on our big screen during prayer meeting so the people could see the young boy they are praying for. It seemed to help them to see him. May the Lord continue to bless your family. Bryan

  12. I have been in the Civil Engineering field for 17 years. I have done everything from Surveying, site design and layout, drafting and design, cost estimation and job breakdown, construction inspection, concrete and asphalt field testing, and project management. THANKS!

  13. What kind of work do you do? Would you be willing to relocate? Ip

  14. Mike , what kind of work do you do or what kind of work are you looking for.I believe you are in the Moultrie, is that right? Bryanbca

  15. ATFA Winter Rally Hunt!!! Deadline 5:30am... Drawout at 6:00am. There will be a 36 dog limit. Contact John Dykes at (478) 275-7436 for additional information. Hotel accomodations can be found in the Dublin area. Click here to get directions!! http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=dublin,+ga&daddr=215+Mill+Street,+Dexter,+GA+31019+(Dexter+Supply+Co)&geocode=FR2H8AEdNv0O-ykHA1A_DiDxiDHlAvOBmuepgg%3BFVni7gEdUaIM-yEfCz3dNppGdQ&hl=en&mra=pe&mrcr=0&sll=32.523122,-82.937584&sspn=0.221742,0.289078&ie=UTF8&ll=32.432779,-83.058003&spn=0.001748,0.010546&z=17&layer=c&cbll=32.43273,-83.058096&panoid=vxJrqXf-L7-pQuPL97-Zgw&cbp=11,239.36,,0,5
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