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    New Market, Tenn.
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    Hunting.....Turkey,Deer,Squirrel <br />Fishing......Bass, Crappie,Bluegill<br /><br />God,Family,Friends,Dogs

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    Mike McClane
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    Fiest Cur and Treeing Walkers
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    Coon,Squirrel,Deer, Turkey
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    Retired,but staying busy,
    Working part time at Bass Pro. at Sevierville
    Milking cows at Dairy part time
    Trying to work with these little Fiest dogs!
  1. Hey Jimmy,

    I'm from east tenn. about 30 miles east of Knox. Have been hunting fiest for several years.would like to try some competition hunting with curs.I would appreciate any help in finding that type of dog.. thanks in advance for any help.

    I know good ones are few and far between..

  2. I replied to your message...Not sure what's goin on? At any rate, I will let you know if I run across anything!

  3. Marc didn't know if you got my message I sent?

    If you know of anything please call me..

  4. Good looking dog you have there

  5. hey Mr. McClane, this is Curtis Crooke. i used to visit you some times @ JMS when I would get in trouble. i just got some dogs and would like to get together and go squirrel hunting some time.



  6. You keeping Willis straight.You got a pretty dog.

  7. Hello Cuz I know that face is it hanging at the post office LOL i am in Dandridge.

  8. Mack, I am interested in your dog. I'm building a new kennel,and would like to talk to you. Please shoot me a message with your number. Thanks, Mike

  9. Hope things are going well down your way! Tell Snap-E "hi" for me. ;)

  10. Thanks for writing me back about Snap-E! Hope we can keep in touch.

    -Marc Gray

  11. andy you have gooding dogs glen riffe

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