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    Drives the truck
  • Birthday 10/01/1950

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    Banks of Sulpher Creek southeastern OK

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    Wayne Caldwell
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    2 sorry curs, , 1 fox terrier,
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    squirrels, coons, deer,
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    I am fully aware that my youth has been spent.. That my get up and go has got up and went...But I really don't mind when I think with a grin...Of all the places my get up has been..

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  1. Glad to see you are getting better. You are a Friend I have missed on here Wayne!

  2. Wayne good to see you back on here. Missed your stories. Glad your feeling better

  3. Calvin you and Liz have a good web page..Thanks for letting me look at your dogs on the site.. Wayne Caldwell sorry curs..

  4. Wayne,I always look forward to reading your posts.Skeeter

  5. I learn lo tec all he know about dogs. I just didn't learn him all i know about dogs..

  6. Wayne, you and your brother Tom make this site. I love your huntin stories, makes me want to move to okla.And Tom will answer every dumb question us wantbes ask. And he does it with lots of thought and respect. Glad you got a good family.

  7. I like reading the post you make because you go into a lot of detail. You were raised like me according to your post.

  8. wayne like your post. what are planting in the garden this year. i am behind you ok boys as far as planting goes. i live in mts. of wnc its warmer here than ever seen before

  9. HiWayne,I always enjoy reading your posts;keep them coming!

  10. Hey Buddy, Will I survive this Kemmer Pup? LOL

  11. Glad your giving us a rest..

  12. love those Kemmer Curs. Been hunting fiest since I lost my last Kemmer. I enjoy your posts also

  13. I agree with all these guys. Whenever I see you post just have to read. lol

  14. I enjoy reading your post!

  15. glad Tater got his weight back and to treeing again. Wayne hope you get a yote for every 3 inches that comes off those deer hide. thanks for return mail and stories Breck

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