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  1. Very Cool! Keep me posted on their progress.

  2. I live in Rover, Arkansas and recently bought a young female from Todd and 1 male puppy out of Coles Annie and Coles Rambo a black brindle.

  3. holler at me in a few weeks.

  4. Sorry to hear you haven't felt well.Will pray for you.I'm not sure how far it is to Ash Flat from Chelsea,I don't know when I would have time to make the trip.I like your dogs,the last dog I got from you sure wanted to tree.Should have kept her but I wanted an OMCBA dog.Pray you feel better soon


  5. Dan, Sorry, for delay in respondinng but I have been very sick. Hardly get out of bed for the last two weeks. Talking on the phone wears me out. Yes, I still have avery nice brindle male with wht trim. But I am in no shape to travel. What ya got in mind?

  6. Do you still have the brindle pup with the white trim?Call me @ 918 344 0960 when you have time.

    Thanks Dan

  7. Tim Weaver and I raised this litter. He sent me an update on the two he kept for himself: "Wanted to give you a report on the two Strut x Roxie pups I kept - I have been letting them run loose some here at the house when I'm here - I always put them up when I leave. They are really coming along - as pretty and good acting a couple of pups as you will ever see. I'm looking forward...

  8. I still have a very nice brindle male running loose here for sale. Very well bred out of TREE dogs going back several generations. I am keeping a yellow male for myself.

  9. Did you sell your puos?

  10. Yes I sold her she was really doing pretty good.She's going to make a nice dog

  11. I was wondering if that was you? LOL. Do I remember that you sold Goldie? How she doing? These pups are completely different lines...Kemmer x Streak. They are active and bold. Wanna trade for gun? Catch ya later!

  12. The dog I got from you last summer,half cur half plott

  13. Which dog is Goldie? Probably not...this is a first time cross.

  14. The pups you have for sale, any of the same line as goldie?

  15. Our are very thin, I am going to hunt Gulf Mountian WMA in the Morning hope to find some.

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