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  1. Mt. Feist pup 300 each call 606-231-1116
  2. Hurley i really like the looks of your dogs and i can see they are good ones.A friend of mine has some of your bloodline in GA.Wayne Cagle.Keep them in the woods and keep those pictures coming.Jerry Roper c.no.770 686 6782 call anytime

  3. I will call you in the mourning

  4. Enter rested in your dogs do you have any started dogs for sale love the black and white fiest that's what color my old dog was he just passed away after 17 years trying to find a new dog work to much to train a pup any help would be appreciated .

  5. Choco still getting them squirrels Hurley and a couple raccoons.He treed on a big raccoon today.

  6. ~~Hey Hurley check is in the mail got a male that looks like your Buster dog not as much black but has the black specks.He came from Crossfire kennels good breed male so i need agood breed female to go with him. If you have a young female let me know be seeing you soon.

  7. Yes I had 3 pups with me

  8. Hello Hurley Combs Enjoyed the hunt with you Earl

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