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  1. Andy sorry to hear about tennie. She was a great dog to hunt behind and in honored to say that I had the chance to hunt with her and she will be missed! Sorry man

  2. Hey Andy, been enjoying your responses regarding Accuracy. I know you Bama boys are rough on the squirrels. I am from Grenada Ms originally, but have lived in Arkansas since the mid 70's. I just retired so really looking forward to this season. Gonna try to hunt 3-4 days per week. Thanks for your reply regarding percentage.

  3. Glad you got back on SDC Doug!!!

  4. Thank u Andy for your help lastnight.

  5. Mr. Kerley, I have been reading a lot about your dogs and would love to have opportunity to purchase a pup out of the cross of Tennie and Smoke you are planning to make. I would be glad to send a deposit if you think you would have a pup available.

  6. Nice pups. Willie.

  7. Very nice dogs I hunt fiest and live in west-central Arkansas.

  8. ready to hit the woods!

    1. Poppaw


      dont park your truck in the road. someone may steal it.

  9. Mr. Bill is a fine fella and has a great bloodline and is making one of the best crosses around...cur or feist! I really like Pearl. I think she's going to make a squirrel dog.

  10. Tom Gant has some fine dogs. Toby is a great squirrel dog and one of the top 3 dogs that I have hunted with or against in competition or pleasure hunting.

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