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  1. I raised this litter of pups because I wanted two for my own use. They were born August 6, 2021. She raised 10. Dam is Stephens (light bred) / Jukebox cross. Sire is Stephens (cedar creek hoss)/ Mountain Cur cross (Kimmer, York, MOD (My Old Dog) cross) Both parents are good dogs. They hunt hard, handle good, have good noses, suite me fine. I want $50 each for these pups, I'm not trying to make money, don't let the cheap price fool you, I only raise dogs for my own use and I have too many. These dogs are in Henderson, Texas. Call me rather than email... Gary Dumas 903 658 1350
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  2. Puppies born 8-16-2021. Wormed 2,4,6,8,and 10 weeks. They’ve had two 5 in 1 shots. Mother is Atomic Feist. Father is Mullins Feist. Should be awesome squirrel dogs. There are 3 males and 1 female left- asking $150. For pictures or information, text or call 318-471-3555. Beautiful pups.
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  3. This recipe will make even big fox squirrels very tender 4-5 squirrels cut up in pieces dry well, roll in buttermilk or egg wash Roll in flour seasoned with what you like (Cajun, cavenders, Mortons season all ect) Brown on both sides over medium heat, brown only, not until done!!! Put pieces on a plate that will fit inside of your crock pot. It ok to stack pieces if necessary. Put 1 inch water bottom of crock pot then find small saucer that will fit in bottom, place plate of squirrels on top of saucer. Idea is to steam the squirrels, not let come in contact with water. Put setting on high, leave for 2 hrs-. After 1 hr, batter will be gummy if touched, after 2 hrs it will be just like KFC original recipe. Serve with what ever you like.
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  4. Oops, I hate the Alpha also for same reason, the ones I have are the Aerohead Lacrosse, the top of boot flares in back to make putting on and off easier, has a strap to pull tight after putting on, but I never tighten it Thanks for catching that hillbilly, and come spring, yours will get looked at, maybe sooner
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