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I am looking for a preferably black Female Thornburg feist. If any one can help.... I'd really appreciate it!

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I do not know how much you know about breed but if you find a Thornburg Feist today, most of them will have other breed of dogs bred into them at this time different from the ones you have had in the past. I personally have never saw a full blooded Black Thornburg Feist and I have had dealings with them for over 30 years. Yes some of them will have some Black in their color mixed with White and Brown in them. Some of the older ones did come Brown with a Black muzzle on them. Some of them came 95% White with a little Brown in them. I still have a picture of Mr. Thornburg with some of his Feist. The older gentleman you talked to up in N. C. probably has some of the oldest line of Thornburg Feist of any person that is still breeding them. His is probably still stronger in the old line of Thornburg than any other ones you will find. JMO Only! Take care and have a great day. Jerry

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When Mr. Thornburg sold his last dog: meaning he personally never owned another one of his older Feist or a Feist that he bred and sold pups off of, that was the last or end of his line, the "Thornburg" line of Feist. When the older gentleman you talked to in N. C. bought Mr. Thornburg's Feist from him, the dogs that man bought, bred, and sold pups off of became his Line of Feist that he started them off with by using the Thornburg Feist. He was the "OWNER" of the Sire and Dam that he bred and sold pups off of and his name is on the Reg. Papers as owner of Sire and Dam and they go by his last name now instead of Thornburg Feist. The original Feist he bought off Mr. Thornburg were the only original Thornburg Feist he owned. The ones he bred became his line of Feist and are called by his last name. In the last 20+ years I personally think he has crossed other line of Feist into his line of Feist for different reasons. What I just said about the older man in N.C. goes for all the other people that bought their Thornburg Feist directly from Mr. Thornburg back in the day when he was breeding and selling them. The Feist dogs today that you buy that are still called Thornburg Feist, are not still true Thornburg Feist! And they have been mixed up with many many different line of Feist at this time and because of that you may be able to find that "Black" female you are looking for. If you do get one, look on the Reg. Papers and see if you can find Mr. Thornburg's name on those Reg. Papers anywhere. The only reason they were called Thornburg Feist in the first place was because he was the "OWNER" of the Sire and Dam that he bred and sold pups off of and they were called Thornburg Feist because Thornburg was his last name. Some times when someone is looking for something they had in the past in the dog world, it is impossible to get because it is no longer out there to be bought. I hope this gives you a litter deeper understanding why you will not find you another full blooded Thornburg Feist to buy. Take care and have a great day. Your brother in Christ! 

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Thank you for your insight...I guess I knew in the back of my mind that their are no more "true" Thornburg feist and that line changes as new breeders try to incorporate better traits into their pups. 

 I just know what we had and we felt the two we had previously were awesome female dogs. They were on the smaller size... between 10 and 15 pounds.  They had short slick hair and of course they had the pointed straight up ears and a pointed snout. 

Beyond the physical traits... I've never seen more grit in a "little" dog. They of course would tree squirrels but I've also seen them tree bear, track deer and hogs and yet have the sweetest disposition. 

When you called "load up"... you better get out of the way because they would about knock you down to get into the truck. They hated being left behind no matter the reason.  Riding down the road was always with feet up on the dash looking for "those suckers" (squirrels). 

Hopefully I'll be able to find one similar in size, heart and grit. 

Thank you again for your help and insight.  

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You are welcome. Looking back, if you had bred one of your two females to another male out of the same line of Feist your dogs were out of, that was off a different cross that breeder made you bought your females from, you and your family could have made your own cross and y'all would still own a type of Feist like those two y'all had. When anyone finds a line of dogs they like, no matter their breed, they need to stay in that line of dogs as long as they can. Yes that means they may have to breed their own male and female dogs they own to do that. Once that line of dogs are gone "dead" you can not get them back period! Again good luck finding you some more little Feist dogs like the ones y'all had, that will have all the good traits that your two females had that y'all liked so well. I personally do not know of a "HUNTING" line of Feist that small anymore. You probably can find some for sell that small somewhere that are sold for pets/house dogs. Take care and have a great day. Jerry

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