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Feist Breeders in the Midwest

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I have owned dogs for 15 - 20 years, have been hunting my whole life (mostly small game related).  My two sons and I started hunting squirrels more seriously 2 - 3 years ago.  We love it and love the meat.  I would like to further pursue hunting behind a good squirrel dog and the Feist breed through my research is the type I am looking for as a hunting partner and house companion.

I live in Central Western, IL and am hoping to find a breeder to contact somewhat close to this area that is reputable and has a good line of hunters.



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....... I will give you a young mans name Mr. LP Thornsbury that lives in the upper part of Kentucky that has a good line of proven reproducing Treeing Feist that should make you and your family a good hunting partner and a good house companion. The male Feist "Buck" that LP's son Hunter owns 2 litter mate sisters "Termite and Kay" and his Niece "Ruth" stays in Mr. Turners house some during the winter with him. LP's cell # is 606-624-7969 you can call and talk to him or send him a PM on here. It would be much easier to call and talk to him because I do not think he gets on here much at all anymore. I have personally owned and hunted with the line of Feist that LP and his son Gunner owns, breeds, and hunts, for over 20 years. Good luck and take care. Jerry

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