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American leopard cur (ukc as leopard hound) dogs that are squirrel dogs

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Several years ago they started to call them “ Leopard hounds”. People have gotten a lot more serious about coon hunting them which led the breeders to breeding for a stronger/colder  nose on them. A dog can have too much nose for squirrel hunting in my opinion. If a dog has a real cold nose and doesn’t have the brains or ability to move on......you will hear a lot of treeing but find a lot less meat. A coon dog needs a lot colder nose than a squirrel dog. A squirrel swaps trees or timber’s 10 times as much as a coon. The squirrel dog needs to be under the squirrel.....not just the tree he went up.

Not saying it can’t happen or trying to change your mind, just giving you something to consider. They will tree.

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