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Free older cur in va

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Took her in from a buddy who needed to downsize, was told she was coon and squirrel hunted, road and walk hunted and in her younger years was a nice dog, around 10 years old. What I know for sure is I’ve had her out around a dozen times with my fiests, she’s slow, almost deaf (can hear a collar tone), doesn’t have a great mouth, and doesn’t hunt wide, she has treed with the meat with my fiests but never shot any down to her as I got her after season went out, Never hunted her alone but have seen her split tree. She has gotten along well with my dogs but was told she won’t tolerate rough housing from other dogs or puppies. I can send pics and a video, she’s free to somebody that wants to take a chance, I don’t need her and don’t have much invested in her. Located outside Staunton, va 


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