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  3. Tan Male out of Tina has sold.
  4. Well I have decided to sale my squirrel dog after 7 years of fun. I just don't get to hunt him like I used to. This dog is out of Backwoods Boone Dock and Buck's Dixie Chrome. I bought this dog off of Jeremy Garner when he was 4 months old. This dog was treeing squirrels on his own at this age. This dog has been a real joy to hunt. He may tree 100 yards away and then again he may tree 500 yards away, but he is going to get treed somewhere. I want $1800 out of him and let me go ahead and say no I don't want to do any trading, no you cant take him and try him out for a month, no you can't make payments, and no I want hold him. I live in Morristown, Tn. If you want to try him out we will go, and you can make your own opinion of him. I will not blow him up for something he is or something he is not. You hunt the dog and make your own decision. All I can say is, in my eyes he is a squirrel dog. 423-736-9951 The first pic is him as a 4 month old pup.
  5. I have a male Yellow Black Mouth Cur that turned a year old at the end of December. This dog has treed one squirrel and two oppossums. I dont have time to hunt the dog the way he needs to be hunted plus I have to many dogs. I gave $300 for the dog when he was 6 weeks old and thats what I want for him. I live in Morristown, Tn. 423-736-9951
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  8. Black Female out of Tina has sold
  9. Mr. Clyde I sure hate that for you. Dave
  10. Beautiful pups and have got some powerhouse dogs in their bloodline. I never saw a pup I didn't like. It's just the little boy still in me. LOL. They are extra nice pups. I hope they get to do what their bred to do. Dave
  11. Sorry to hear that. Tough break.
  12. That’s a tough break. ☹️ sorry to hear that.
  13. Bee will lose all 7 of her pups due to the freezing weather and unexpected loss of power to the brood box last night. No more winter pups for me.
  14. Those pups look sharp. Brindle and chrome!
  15. Good looking pups no doubt. I hope you have good luck with them
  16. I have 2 black males (with brindle legs), 1 black female, and 4 brindle females available (their color was a surprise since both dam and sire are yellow dogs!) and they are registered with OMCBA. These pups are 8 weeks old and have been wormed several times and have had two rounds of shots. The dam is heavy “Streak” and “Jukebox” bloodlines. The sire is “Streak” bloodlines and is a son of “Mo Meat In The Skillet”, a highly publicized dog from Missouri. The dam is my best squirrel dog and I have killed hundreds of squirrels with her. I have also kept track of 5 of her littermates and they are all good squirrel dogs. I still own the maternal grandmother to these pups and she is a granddaughter of 2X World Combo Champion Mighty Mick. I have hunted with the maternal grandfather of these pups many times and he is probably the best squirrel dog I’ve personally ever hunted with. I have not personally hunted with the sire to this litter, but he was recommended to me by multiple dog owners as an excellent squirrel dog. These pups are $250 each and are located in Ozark, Arkansas. I've tried to include a couple of examples of the puppies listed. You can call or text me at (479) 213-0624 for additional information and pictures.
  17. Good article and good reason to maintain some diversity in our dogs.
  18. There is a misconception that a great hunting dog is developed. In fact, the truth of the matter is most great hunting dogs are born to be great hunters. How can that be you ask? Because most great hunting dogs come from an ancestry of proven hunting dogs that have the genetic being and pedigree to be a great hunting dog. A pedigree is a lineage that shows a great deal about the line from which a dog descends by listing all of the ancestors behind a particular dog or litter. In the Rat Terrier world, the name “Decker” is synonymous with great hunting dogs. Milton Decker started developing the Decker Rat Terrier strain in the mid 1970’s. Milton had a clear vision of what he was trying to accomplish. His breeding decisions were based on his experience, expertise and his vision of the perfect Rat Terrier. Although his vision of the perfect Rat Terrier had many aspects, one thing stood strong from the beginning, the strong hunting desire all his dogs possessed. Over the last two decades there have been several reputable Rat Terrier breeders who are also well known for their hunting line of Rat Terriers. Jim Johnson of Sycamore Flats, Dean Dickison with Amazing Rat Terriers, Tim Brown and Barry Clark are a few that come to mind. Each of them produced many great hunting dogs that have left a lasting impression in the eyes of many hunters who use dogs to pursue all types of game. If you look into their dog’s pedigrees, you will find most of their early dogs were from, by one way or another, the Decker kennel. I have spent a better part of a decade attempting to seek out exceptional hunting dogs. What I have discovered as a hunter, who uses my dogs to pursue game, is over the last decade; the Rat Terrier breed has changed – in some ways for the better and in some ways for the worse. It seems that because of the overwhelming popularity of the Rat Terrier, many strains have been bred for generations primarily for trainability and the show ring. Many of today’s Rat Terriers seem to be lacking in the inherited natural hunting abilities that they were originally developed for. That is because as their popularity has increased, the overall inherited hunting abilities of the breed have been diluted. For a small minority of hunters, proven hunting stock is still needed today. The strain of Rat Terrier that Milton Decker developed carries the inherited natural hunting ability it did three decades ago. If you are serious about acquiring Rat Terrier blood that has been used for hunting for several generations, then the Decker Rat Terrier is superior. The strain was developed to hunt and has proven it self year after year to be an exceptional hunting line. There are several breeders today that have developed their hunting lines around the Decker Rat Terrier and are actively breeding to maintain the natural hunt of the breed. If you want to hunt over a dog that has the genetics to be a great hunting dog, then it is my view there is not a better strain of Rat Terrier then the “Decker” strain for hunting. George A Palmer IV
  19. Have 4 pup's booked at this time and a 5 the spoken for it have enough.Thanks to all the response.if she has more than 5 I'll post it .
  20. Big Oak

    New pup

    I have a Male Treeing Feist very heavy Barger blood. And Drakes Creek Dexter and Odell’s Cool Whip bloodline. Born 10/13/19 Double Springs Alabama 205-269-6214 His Great Grand Sire is Eddie Odell’s Cool Whip and Grand Sire is Drakes Creek Dexter son of Odell’s Cool Whip plus 90-95% Barger Stock so he definitely has the blood in him to be a real squirrel dog.
  21. Your guess is as good as mine but I'm going to guess around 30 pounds of course that's just a guess someone else that knows the bloodline might can give a better answer. But, with his Great Grand Sire being Eddie Odell’s Cool Whip and Grand Sire is Drakes Creek Dexter son of Odell’s Cool Whip plus 90-95% Barger Stock he definitely has the blood in him to be a real squirrel dog.
  22. turkeymantn

    New pup

    I sent u a message
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