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  2. This was a really good way to cook em. I’ve done it twice now. For the most part mine fell off the bone. However I did have an old grey boar squirrel who’s meat was a different color than the rest when I cleaned em and he was tough as boot leather. In the future I know when I see one like that he can go straight to the dogs. Other than that it was great. I seasoned my flour with tony chachere’s and black pepper. Will be doing it this way from here on out. Do not try to pull this off late of an evening as it took me nearly 3 1/2 hours before they were done. Start about 2 if you want to eat at a decent hour.
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  4. Have 3 Mountain Feist N K C Registered Puppys 9 weeks old ready to go out of good stock Feist SQ dogs cadillac Jack ,Pistol pete ,Huron river breeding and Atomic Torch to name the dogs in the linnage Mother is a very good tree dog sq dog male has producet some outstanding early starting sq dogs they will make medium range fast going sq dogs this cross was made over a year ago they all are treeing of the five im in Salvisa,Ky 40372 Central Ky puppys are up for grabs $300. each i have 2 females 1 male they are RED w/ white tips text me at 859-940-9339 f0r more info and pictures of puppys and parents as i dont get on here much anymore Thanks IN advance Danny C. Williams
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  6. Dog Box Sold

  7. For sale a 3 year old male Mountain Feist. He will tree his own squirrel and tree with another dog. Hunts and handle goods. Price $800 If interested call 606-474-9915. Located in NE Kentucky.
  8. Thanks Big Oak just been setting around for a while because I only have owned one feist at a time in past 5 years. Figured it was time to get rid of it.
  9. Patriot dog box all aluminum top storage all sides bottom and top is insulated. 46w x 42d x 24t . Very good condition other than needs to be washed. $350
  10. Big Oak

    Squirrel Pot Pie

    Sounds good.
  11. Levi

    Squirrel Pot Pie

    6 sqrls, boiled or pressure cooked till tender debone meat, shred 1 bag mixed veg- corn, green peas, carrots 2 - cans cream chicken, 1 can cream potato Lots black pepper, no salt, soups have plenty 1 Pkg Pillsbury Pie crust, contains 2 place 1 crust in bottom of pie plate mix soups with 1/3 cup milk to thin mix soups, sqrl and vegs pour over pie crust, Place second crust on top and press edges with fork to seal, poke holes all over top crust to allow steam to vent, beat 1 egg with 1 tbls water, brush on top crust all over (makes it brown) Bake at 350, until top crust is golden brown, Dig In and enjoy, don't tell family or guest it squirrel they will devour
  12. Only 2 pups left in this litter. Male pups labeled M2 and M3 are available. All others are sold. Here are some pics of the sire (right) and dam ( on left).
  13. I wish we had the different types of squirrels here in Florida. I guess I'll have to stick to gray squirrels or cat squirrels as we call them. I do want to try some nesting boxes. I think I will use cypress wood, cause we have a lot of cypress trees in the wetlands.
  14. Will_P

    Free Dogs

    I have two male dogs I would like to re-home to someone that just wants a house pet or a yard dog. One is a 2 year old and listens very well. He is an older mans dog because he is very laid back. The other dog is a year old and is more of a young persons dog because he is wide open from the time he opens his eyes u til he closes them. Both of these dogs have defects but are very friendly and not ill in anyway. The 2 year old male has a heart problem (pericardial effusion). The 1 year old dog is deaf. He understands some hand signals and minds when wearing an e-collar with the vibration setting. if you know anyone looking for a pet shoot me a message
  15. i have 3 males 1 606 474 9915

  16. Looking good on the wood.
  17. Rena is the red and white dog with the rougher sounding mouth
  18. I’ll see if I can get it up
  19. Post that video of her treeing
  21. Born April 18th. Ready to go on May 30th. 4 males, 4 females available. Will be dewormed and parvo vaccinated. These are grand pups out of Drake’s Dexter and Johnson’s Black Brandie (Dam’s side)Pedigrees will be posted. The sire of pups is an above average squirrel dog—the real deal!! He’s a Baldwin bred Feist and out of squirrel champion blood. The dam is a well started tree dog. Pictures of dam & sire will be posted. $300 each and can meet/ deliver to some areas. Call Tommy for more info or pics @ 251-236-0477
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