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Ivomec Info

This is about the 1 percent solution of Ivomec.

Ok, here it is directly from handbook of veterinary drugs, second
edition. This book is a widely used veterinary formulary.

"Ivermectin (Heartgard, Ivomec, Eqvalan)
Indications: Ivermectin is used for the eradication of demodectic,
sarcoptic, Otodectic, and Cheyletiella mites in dogs. It has also been
used in the treatment of Capillaria aerophila and is marketed for the
prevention of canine heartworm[Heartgard]. The drug has been used as a
microfilaricide in heartworm disease. In fact, ivermectin has been shown
to be effective against heartworm infection when 1 year of monthly
prophylactic dosing is started as late as 4 months after infection. In
cats, the drug has been used inn the treatment of ear mites Cheyletiella
blakei, Physaloptera preputailis, Demodex, and fleas."

These organisms listed are mange mites, ear mites, lung worms,
heartworms, roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. I think that pretty much
takes care of everything except tape worms. The method needed to kill
tapeworms is different than the way ivermectin works.

Now for the adverse effects from the Handbook of Small Animal Practice,
third edition.

"Adverse Drug Reactions:
Ivermectin: Anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, ataxia, seizures."

Now that is widely excepted published material used by veterinarians all
over the country.

I have also heard of severe liver disease in dogs given large over doses
over long periods of time. You must also be very careful about giving
this drug to sighthounds and collies, in these breeds ivermectin can
cause severe reactions.

The last question I can answer. Yes you use the injectable cattle or
swine form of ivermectin orally in the dog. Make sure you have calculated
the correct dose. If you give the same amount that is incorporated in
Heartgard, you would give 0.27 ml for a 50-100lb dog.
that amount can be given mixed with anything to taste better, or
straight, or it can be given subcutaneously.

I personally use Pro Heart 6 injectable for my hounds.

Good luck with your hounds.

Susan Lloyd, DVM

When she was asked about the old standard of 1/10cc for 10 lbs of body
weight she added the following post.

The proven dose for 50-100lb dog is 0.272cc This is the amount of
ivermectin in Heartgard. So if you have a 50-80lb dog, you will give
1/4cc (0.25ml) of 1 % Ivomec for cattle or 1cc of .27% Ivomec for pigs.. monthly. giving 0.1cc per 10 lbs of body weight is too
much. It may not do anything bad, but why use more than you need?
Again I wish you luck with your dogs.
Susan Lloyd, DVM

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